As someone earlier stated, you really have to keep the pet’s health topped off as much as possible. Commentaire de Bellazhana As a Death Knight you can easily solo. This isnt easy for a rogue, considering this fatso is immune to Gouge, any stun, Blind, Sap and Dismantle. I started by Premeditating him followed by SnD. Not as stated above. Then, when he almost reached me, I started running, ice lancing him. He should be no problem for any ret paladin since you’ll have your bubble and LoH still.

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Used -deadly offhand, instant main hand. Went down in about a minute and a half! Veuillez activer JavaScript dans votre navigateur. Lastly, be careful about your placement, preferably stand in Cho’war spawn spot, otherwise you risk aggroing the Warmaul Warlock which spawns very close and there is also a Warmaul Brute patrolling sometimes. Jump down a level and walk outside. I then immediately attacked the next mob, using SnD late again, on 5CP, then rushed to Cho’war stealthed and used garrote. Go into the north cave of Warmaul Hill at

Bague de tueur d’ogres. He should be no problem for any ret paladin since you’ll have your bubble and LoH still. Commentaire de smtroll75 Slapped him upside the head twice with my lvl blodstrike Prot Paly. Then I figured what the hell might as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher. I was able to take more than half of his HP by the time my pet died, so I msp and meleed him for a few seconds bloodstrikke my pet used heart of the phoenix to revive, and then I used intimidation to get aggro back don’t remember whether the stun worked but at least the aggro snap worked – or did I bloodstruke to feign death, don’t remember, but in any event getting aggro back on bloodsttrike pet was no problem.


Did not bother using Concussion Blow or Shockwave as Cho’war is immune to stuns. Commentaire de Boxofbeer Cho’war le Pilleur http: Le Wowhead Client est une petite application que nous utilisons pour garder nos données à jour et pour vous fournir de chouettes fonctionnalités sur le site web!

Pull the mob in front of Cho’war seperately first. Take out all the preceding ogres quickly and start on Cho’war as soon wat you’re ready.

Cho’war le Pilleur – Quête – World of Warcraft

Just heal the earth ele if he needs a heal than just Lava burst Flame shock Earthshock, Lightning bolt So u can solo it. Then I ran out of mana so by instinct I switched to aspect of the viper, but then I remembered I had too many potions in my bank anyway, so I switched bloldstrike ca hawk and popped a super mana potion instead.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Re-enter the cave were Corki is and free him. This is the second level of the same cave.

Cho’war le Pilleur

Rinse, repeat until dead. Hopping down and flayed until he was out of range. When Corki respawns, the door to his box is shut.

Slice’n’Dice was glyphed and talented, and recuperate was talented. Il y a des grottes l’une à côté de l’autre, et c’est blkodstrike de droite qui contient la clé. Just keep to the path and don’t fall off turn right at the fork at Then return to Arechron. Level 65 just hit 66 with his death Just keep your dots up use power word shield every time you can and bring along a mana potion.


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I am a 67 Unholy dk and just popped all in my arsenal, came down easy. Do NOT cheap shot, he is immune. He’s in the top level of the Northern Cave in Warmaul Hill. Commentaire de siggboy This is how you can solo it on a hunter: If you look on the map the entrance to this cave is the one awy the left top of Warmaul Hill. Then you’ll have to walk outside for a bit – keep to the left bkoodstrike and you’ll see another entrance at Commentaire de Typhon It’s worth mentioning that killing Cho’war and getting the key is not an explicit requirement.

The idea is to fight him with time left on both SnD bloofstrike recuperate. Commentaire de WowluVur I soloed this guy as lvl 70 arcane mage.

Start off with Garrote, since Cheap Shot he is immune to. I did position myself standing right at the edge so I could jump off and bandage.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Used Frost Presence, and 1 minion.